Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer holiday photos - part 2

Let's see...

I think this installment will be photos from a lakeside picnic and from the Llanberis Lake Railway, and pictures from our day on the beach.

This is the view from our picnic spot - it's so beautiful there.

Picnic 1 - mountain

The picnickers!

Flora and Matt
Picnic 2 - F, M


Picnic 3 - Dave

My parents
Picnic 4 - H, K, M, D

Huw and Kirsty
Picnic 5 - F, H, K


Chris and the little train at the Lake Railway.

Llanberis - Chris

We stopped for a while and went down by the lake. Somewhere there's a photo of me in the same tree when I was aged about eight...

Me in a tree


So, we didn't really get any good beach weather. It wasn't quite raining when we got to the beach, but drizzle set in soon afterwards. It definitely wasn't bikini weather!

Me on the beach

We just had to half-bury Kirsty. At least her legs would have been warm.

Kirsty, legless

Some of the family playing frisbee.
There weren't many other people on the beach, and by the time we were playing cricket it was raining enough that almost everyone else had (sensibly?) gone home.

Fun on the beach...

By the time this shelter was necessary to keep our belongings dry we headed home too.


The next post will most likely be an assortment of random photos that don't really fit any particular post.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer holiday photos - part 1

Ok, here we go...

I think this first selection may as well be from the slate mine we visited.

I think this was my favourite part of the museum. In theory, setting up a display of mannequins to show how the slate was worked is a perfectly good idea. In this case, though, I suspect that their budget was severely lacking. See for yourself the style of dummies and clothing which they found to represent these tough Welsh slate workers.


This one has strangely long arms

and I don't think this one is a miner at all. I think he's a Russian spy.



My brother Dave, being a miner.

Miner Dave

This sign was in the ladies' toilets, beside an overly complicated water tank/tap system. It's so wonderfully poetic!

Toilet sign

While I'm here I'll post photos from Beddgelert as well. It's very touristy, but I guess that's what happens when a place is so picturesque!

Beddgelert 1

Beddgelert 2

Beddgelert 3

I'll put up another photo post in the next day or so.

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