Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tasks for this weekend

Right, we've decided to have the housewarming party a week on Saturday. I'm now having a minor panic because the house is nowhere near viewable yet. The spare room is still so full of boxes that you can't shut the door, which is even more of a problem because one friend has asked to sleep over on our spare mattress, and currently there's not enough floor for it.
My only hope is that I had two days holiday to use up by the end of this month, so I have next Monday and Friday off to get things done.

So, the list of things that need to be done...

1) Assemble new seat/storage thingy
2) Sand dining table
3) Varnish dining table (at least three coats)
4) Scrub paint off floor
5) Shelve all of the books that litter every surface
6) Unpack some more of the boxes of books, now that we have another bookcase
7) Unpack and set out some of the ornaments, etc. that we were given as wedding presents, especially as a lot of them were given by people who will be coming to the party...
8) Finish sorting the bedroom, do several loads of laundry
9) Dust
10) Put the escapee Christmas decorations in the loft
11) File all the paperwork that's lying around
12) Buy party food
13) Find homes for all the odds and ends that are sitting around

*sigh* We'll see how it goes.