Monday, July 30, 2007

Pinged by a Ferocious Nettie!

Right, since Nettie so kindly(!) pinged me on her blog, I thought I'd better try to compose a list..

This is proving more difficult than I'd thought it would be. Up until my early twenties my list of friends numbered exactly zero, and I think it's because of this that I've always considered my belongings to be so important to me. I'm a hoarder, I find it very hard to throw (or give) things away.
My possessions have always made me feel safe, stopped me from feeling that I need other people, reinforced my sense of identity. This might sound stupid to some people, but believe me, that was about the only thing that kept me sane-ish.

So, the things that are most important to me...

1) My cuddly panda. Granny and Grandad gave him to me when I was a few weeks old, and he's always been my favourite soft toy. I cuddled him in bed almost every night, which is why he's so threadbare, stained and squashed.

2) My wedding and engagement rings. I know, they're a rather obvious choice, but I spent so long thinking that no-one was ever going to want to marry me, or even manage to put up with me. I'm so glad that I met Chris, and I love having that reminder of him with me all the time.

3) My photographs. Pictures of people and places I love. If I'm feeling down, looking through old photos usually makes me feel better.

4) My wedding album. Mostly for a combination of reasons 2 and 3.

5) My contact lenses. This choice might seem weird, but my sight is awful!
I really don't like wearing my glasses. They're not too bad when I'm indoors, but when I'm outside there's a horrible amount of distortion at the edge of my field of view. It looks like the ground around me is undulating and makes me feel thoroughly sick. Add that to not being able to see properly in the rain, the glasses steaming up when going from outside to inside in the winter and when cooking, and that every light source at which I'm not directly looking has half a rainbow at one side and the other half at the other side, and you can see why I love my lenses!

There's a lot of other things I could include, but for the sake of brevity I'll stop there.

Now, other people to tag. Almost everyone I can think of has already been bagsied!
Ok, if no-one else got there first, I'll say...

LaMa and Thundy!