Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random photodump!

Here, for your delectation, are a small selection of photos, sad and homeless pictures that have nowhere else to go...

I think that this child's t-shirt (being sold in our local supermarket) will not go down very well in Scotland!


Energy champion? Energy champion? Are there not enough made-up job titles already?
And also, 'energy champion' makes me think of a good version of this guy...


Spelling FAIL!
(Also being sold in the local supermarket.)


This is the kind of thing that hurts my brain!

Awful punctuation

There'll be more of these to come, but my other photos are on my PC. I'm using my netbook at the moment so I'm restricted to those pictures already on Photobucket!


Friday, May 07, 2010

The gods don't want me walking...

This is getting ridiculous. As far as my legs and feet are concerned it's just one thing after another!

I've had arthritis in my knees since my mid-teens. I'd torn ligaments several times, and the strain to my joints led to the arthritis developing. There's not much that can be done. I had physiotherapy once, but other than that I take anti-inflammatories when I really need to and try to keep my leg muscles strong to help support the knee joints. Sometimes they're not bad, but at other times trying to bend or straighten them feels like having chisels jammed into my knees and twisted...

While I was pregnant I developed plantar fasciitis which caused a lot of pain in my heels. By the evening I could barely walk and just shuffed round the house. After Zeph was born it mostly got better in my right foot but stayed just as bad in my left. I've got a referral to the podiatry clinic at our doctors', but while waiting for that I tripped in our living room and I've pulled or torn something in my right foot. There's a swollen area on the inner side of my foot that hurts, and it's no better nearly two months later.

Oh, and to top it all off, a week ago I thought I had something in my shoe, like a bit of gravel. I checked in my shoe and sock, and there was nothing there, but that evening I found a tiny cut on the sole of my foot. For the next few days it hurt whenever I was wearing my shoes. I checked my shoe and sock repeatedly, but never found anything. By then I was assuming that it was just the walking on a cut that was making it hurt. When I was at my parents' house on Thursday evening they noticed blood on the bottom of my sock and asked about it. I explained, then my dad suggested thast there might be a nail in my shoe. I scoffed at that, then turned my shoe over. Sure enough there was a large drawing pin* embedded there, that couldn't be felt from the inside unless you pushed on the outside too... My response was to spend the rest of the evening muttering "Bastard pin!" under my breath.

So, I currently have buggered knees, a knackered left heel, a damaged right foot and a small hole in the bottom of my foot. See why I think the gods don't want me walking? *sigh*

*'Thumb tack', for the Americans.