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Facebook Status Updates 2010

01/01/10 Rowenna Anderson - Happy new year!

04/01/10 Rowenna Anderson is not ignoring anyone's calls or texts. Her mobile has decided not to work anymore.

08/01/10 Rowenna Anderson found one of her rats dead this morning. RIP, Cicero. We loved you. :-(

10/01/10 Rowenna Anderson has a baby who won't settle tonight.

12/01/10 Rowenna Anderson had Zeph weighed today - he's 11 lb 5!

13/01/10 Rowenna Anderson is trying to get a sensible answer from eBay user support. Trying and, so far, failing.

14/01/10 Rowenna Anderson went shopping today and bought a lot of clothes and jewellery. Oh, and books. Fortunately it was all from charity shops. :-)

Rowenna Anderson has been rearranging the living room furniture. Ooh, the excitement! ;-)

18/01/10 Rowenna Anderson can't believe that Zeph is two months old!

Rowenna Anderson went to her antenatal class reunion today. She had a lovely time and really enjoyed catching up with everyone and meeting all the babies!

25/01/10 Rowenna Anderson is having friends round for a Burns Supper. :-)

27/01/10 Rowenna Anderson is going to redye her hair, and is hoping that colic-boy sleeps well tonight.

Rowenna Anderson is down in England, Zeph has now met his great-granny, three great-aunts, a great-uncle and three second cousins. He's had a busy day!


01/02/10 Rowenna Anderson cooked dinner for her aunt, uncle and cousin tonight.

Rowenna Anderson's other rat died and she feels really guilty for not doing more for him. Bye, Julius. :-(

05/02/10 Rowenna Anderson is on hold on the tax credits helpline. ETA: And they are exceedingly unhelpful...

Rowenna Anderson is rather unsure about the new facebook layout...

Rowenna Anderson took Zeph to his first gig today, a show by Raise Your Hem, four very talented ladies. :-)

11/02/10 Rowenna Anderson took Zeph for more vaccinations tody, and also to have him weighed and measured. He's 12lb1 and 59cm.

16/02/10 Rowenna Anderson is making pancakes.

19/02/10 Rowenna Anderson got to go to samba tonight for the first time in over three months! She had a great time and really enjoyed seeing everyone again. :-)

23/02/10 Rowenna Anderson really hopes that someone handed Chris's wallet in to the lost property office...

23/02/10 Rowenna Anderson is really glad that someone did hand Chris's wallet in. Yay!

24/02/10 Rowenna Anderson is heading out in the sleet for an extra story/rhyme time at the library. She has a stinking cold so will be trying her hardest to avoid sneezing on the other small people there.

25/02/10 Rowenna Anderson went to samba again, and Zeph was a good boy for his Granny, Grandpa and Uncle Dave. :-)

26/02/10 Rowenna Anderson has just bought a ticket for A-Ha's farewell tour. She spent a tad more than she usually would...

(But it's a really good seat, she's never seen them live, has always wanted to and this is her last chance. :-) )


01/03/10 Rowenna Anderson is feeling down today. She doesn't really know why.

02/03/10 Rowenna Anderson thinks that Zeph's giggle is the best sound in the world. :-)

04/03/10 Rowenna Anderson is looking forward to movie night at Flora Streater's house on Saturday. She hopes that Zeph will behave himself!

07/03/10 Rowenna Anderson has a bad headache starting. :-(

Rowenna Anderson has an extremely tired and upset baby tonight.

12/03/10 Rowenna Anderson is wondering if anyone wants to go for a drink after Alice In Wonderland tomorrow...

Rowenna Anderson enjoyed the film, and also the drinks afterwards!

14/03/10 Rowenna Anderson got cool things from Zeph for Mother's Day - a cuddly meerkat and a card saying that I'm the 'bestest mummy'. :-D

Rowenna Anderson "Am I jumping the gun, Baldrick, or are the words 'I have a cunning plan' marching with ill-deserved confidence in the direction of this conversation?"

17/03/10 Rowenna Anderson has to take Zeph for more vaccinations tomorrow afternoon. He's not going to be happy about it, but this is the last set until he's a year old.

Rowenna Anderson just found £218 of assorted gift vouchers that were wedding presents - woohoo! :-D

Rowenna Anderson is sorting out books to give to charity shops. She has 55 here, and already gave another 15 or so away. For those who know Rowenna well, surprisingly, her getting rid of books is not a sign of a coming apocalypse!

23/03/10 Rowenna Anderson wondered why her ankle/side of foot was sore, remembered tripping over a bag on Friday evening, and has now found a swollen area on the side of her foot. It's not fair - my heels are just starting to feel better, now this!

23/03/10 Rowenna Anderson has spent the last hour trying to remove nasties from her computer, thanks to a certain someone not taking precautions with her msn. *glares in the direction of that someone*

24/03/10 Rowenna Anderson is worried - Zeph has a fever again...

28/03/10 Rowenna Anderson had fun at Marjory Mackie's birthday party today, and got quite pissed!

30/03/10 Rowenna Anderson just saw a longer trailer for the new series of Doctor Who, and a clip of one of the episodes, and is now ridiculously excited. :-D


03/04/10 Rowenna Anderson really liked Doctor Who! She will have to watch it again because Chris was still at work and so missed it, and also it's difficult to hear a tv with a colicky baby screaming in one's ear...

03/04/10 Rowenna Anderson just finished SPANC-ing Colin Harvey and Davron Elliott...

Rowenna Anderson accidentally watched an edition of The Jeremy Kyle Show this afternoon. She feels quite dirty.

Rowenna Anderson wants a dragon to ride!

Rowenna Anderson's son crapped all the way up his back this evening. Delightful!

14/04/10 Rowenna Anderson has a bad headache, is feeling unreasonably grumpy, and wishes that Chris wasn't going away for the weekend... :-(

Rowenna Anderson was seen yesterday by a nurse who looked and sounded just like Julie Andrews. (The Princess Diaries era, not The Sound Of Music.) It made her appointment a lot more fun!

16/04/10 Rowenna Anderson feels lonely.

17/04/10 Rowenna Anderson meant to buy herself trousers today but instead bought books, mostly for Zeph. Oops!

17/04/10 Rowenna Anderson forgot to mention that she is playing a samba gig tomorrow in Edinburgh. 12 - 3 outside the art galleries on Princes Street, busking for a good cause. Come along if you can!

19/04/10 Rowenna Anderson is glad that Chris is home!

21/04/10 Rowenna Anderson is watching Kung Fu Panda for the first time. So far she likes it!

22/04/10 Rowenna Anderson woke this morning with an awful migraine. She's really glad her mum came through to help look after Zeph!

23/04/10 Rowenna Anderson let her baby fall off the bed this morning. Not exactly prize-winning parenting...

26/04/10 Rowenna Anderson is sorting out her file drawer. She might pass out from the excitement of trying to find current paperwork amongst several years of detritus. Mind you, she is learning a valuable lesson from this.

30/04/10 Rowenna Anderson went shopping today. She bought groceries, a set of saucepans and a sonic screwdriver. As you do.


02/05/10 Rowenna Anderson is getting really excited about DKY tonight! :-D

03/05/10 Rowenna Anderson had a great time last night! It was so good to catch up with people she hadn't seen for years. Oh, and she is hugely grateful to Colin Harvey for babysitting!

07/05/10 Rowenna Anderson thinks she isn't going to like the result of the election...

07/05/10 Rowenna Anderson is really tired but can't go to bed - the election results are so close!

Rowenna Anderson is watching Count Duckula!

Rowenna Anderson is really angry. The handle of her Tommee Tippee breast pump has melted during its usual microwave sterilisation, rendering it unusable and also damaging the other part of the pump, the steriliser box and two soothers. She will be making a furious phone call tomorrow, demanding a replacement and recompense. >:-[

Rowenna Anderson decided this afternoon that shredding old paperwork is boring, and that burning it is far more fun! :-D

Rowenna Anderson is watching Cake Boss. Those guys are amazing!

Rowenna Anderson is glad that Annette Hudson called her this afternoon - it really made her day! :)

18/05/10 Rowenna Anderson can't believe that Zeph is six months old today! In some ways it seems like no time at all, but it also feels like he's always been here. :-)

20/05/10 Rowenna Anderson couldn't go to samba tonight because Zeph was so unhappy. He cried almost all evening. Rowenna feels sorry for Zeph but also misses her drumming fix!

Rowenna Anderson has been rearranging the kitchen. She had to make room for Zeph's highchair, because he needs it now that he's eating actual food.

26/05/10 Rowenna Anderson would quite like it if people could let her know whether or not they are coming round to mock Eurovision on Saturday...

26/05/10 Rowenna Anderson is not feeling well.

27/05/10 Rowenna Anderson is looking forward to her wedding anniversary tomorrow and to her Eurovision party on Saturday. It'll be really nice to have three whole days with Chris too, as he's not working again until Monday. :)

30/05/10 Rowenna Anderson is bidding for Playmobil on eBay...


01/06/10 Rowenna Anderson managed to get a pair of trousers for samba that fit - hurrah!

02/06/10 Rowenna Anderson is really looking forward to Friday's samba gig at the zoo!

04/06/10 Rowenna Anderson thinks that Nadin Dunnigan does really good work - the photos of Zeph are beautiful! :-)

05/06/10 Rowenna Anderson and Zeph had fun at the Meadows Festival today. They had a picnic, and bumped into several friends. The only downside to the day was the torrential downpour that soaked them on their way home...

Rowenna Anderson enjoyed going to see Samantha Dale-hindle this afternoon and watching Zeph play with Brandan. :-)

Rowenna Anderson is very proud of Zeph - he just spent ages trying to open a book (That's Not My Bear) and eventually managed it. :-)

12/06/10 Rowenna Anderson got some useful things at the NCT sale today.

15/06/10 Rowenna Anderson is looking forward to the Linlithgow Marches tomorrow!

16/06/10 Rowenna Anderson has a sneezy, coughing little baby. He had fun at the Marches, though.

18/06/10 Rowenna Anderson is really looking forward to tomorrow's Linlithgow Gala Day and the annual Sambalistic barbecue! :-D

21/06/10 Rowenna Anderson has spent today tidying and cleaning. She's tired.

26/06/10 Rowenna Anderson really enjoyed tonight's Doctor Who and is very excited about the Christmas special! :-D

28/06/10 Rowenna Anderson is discussing the bizarreness that is cheese soup with Shawna Willoughby...

Rowenna Anderson has had a migraine all day. However, she's glad that Zeph woke a lot earlier than usual for his night feed because he woke her in just enough time for her to take her meds!

29/06/10 Rowenna Anderson is wondering why Firefox won't work but IE will...

Rowenna Anderson would like everyone to know that the Chris Anderson on her friends list isn't the one who is her husband. He won't go on facebook.

The other Chris Anderson is a very friendly chap, however, and may well like to talk to you.


01/07/10 Rowenna Anderson is getting enormously excited about Annette Hudson and Christian coming to visit. They arrive in just over two weeks! We're going to have parties and barbecues and go camping!

06/07/10 Rowenna Anderson just answered a round on Family Feud on 'If you dyed your hair, what colour would you NOT want it to turn out?'

At various times, she has had her hair dyed six out of the seven colours in the answers!

10/07/10 Rowenna Anderson went fruit-picking today, and now has a box of strawberries and a smaller box of blackcurrants.

13/07/10 Rowenna Anderson has another migraine. She is getting tired of this...

14/07/10 Rowenna Anderson has more tidying and cleaning to do. She wants some sort of robot slave to do it for her.

17/07/10 Rowenna Anderson is very excited because Annette Hudson and Christian are finally arriving tomorrow! :-D

19/07/10 Rowenna Anderson is hoping that this time her hairdye might actually have the effect she's after!

Rowenna Anderson is just back from the rainiest camping trip EVER!

23/07/10 Rowenna Anderson fell over this morning, whacking her head and cutting her foot open. This lead to a trip to A&E (the second one this week!) and four stitches in her foot...

Rowenna Anderson is hoping that Granny is ok and that it doesn't rain tomorrow...

26/07/10 Rowenna Anderson is so glad that the weather stayed sunny for the naming and party. Everyone had a good time, lots of food was eaten and Zeph got cuddles from almost everyone!
Oh, and Rowenna went to see Granny in hospital, who is doing well, all things considered.

29/07/10 Rowenna Anderson is trying to hang curtains...


01/08/10 Rowenna Anderson went out to the Mission last night. The music was good, even if she couldn't dance due to a sore foot!

02/08/10 Rowenna Anderson is going to the zoo today. She hopes it won't rain too much because Zeph is going in his big boy pushchair, and we don't have a proper raincover for it.

04/08/10 Rowenna Anderson's camera crapped out when she was at the zoo yesterday - it decided that it wouldn't zoom any more. Today Rowenna bought a new camera so she now has to figure out how it works! :-D

Rowenna Anderson is finishing making Annette Hudson's birthday present.

06/08/10 Rowenna Anderson is *really* fed up with phoning various tax offices and being put on hold!


Rowenna Anderson is already really missing Annette Hudson and Christian...

10/08/10 Rowenna Anderson is getting on with tidying the house, and she really enjoyed meeting Katherine Lymer (and her sister and nephews) for coffee this afternoon. Zeph had a lovely time playing with Daniel too, and stealing his sock...

Rowenna Anderson is on hold with Tax Credits again...

14/08/10 Rowenna Anderson thinks that Alistair McGowan is not as good an impressionist as he thinks he is.

Rowenna Anderson had a brilliant time at tonight's samba gig! :-D

21/08/10 Rowenna Anderson f**king *hates* packing for holidays, especially when it's nearly 2 am, she isn't finished and her brain has stopped working...

22/08/10 Rowenna Anderson is on holiday! Tomorrow (as long as it doesn't rain) she gets to go to the zoo for her birthday treat! :-D

23/08/10 Rowenna Anderson thanks everyone for their birthday messages! She has had a nice day, but is leaving the zoo trip until later in the week because of today's monsoon-like weather. Rowenna got some great presents, and ate lots of cake. :-)

28/08/10 Rowenna Anderson is going to a country park this afternoon, and then for tea at Hilary Holt's house. She is looking forward to playing with the dogs!

Rowenna Anderson is playing cards with her family (and winning... ;-)) and wishing she didn't have to go home tomorrow.

Rowenna Anderson is looking forward to DKY tonight, but keeps getting tearful because Zeph is away at his grandparents' house, having his first sleepover. She's missing baby cuddles...

30/08/10 Rowenna Anderson had fun at Dky Edinburgh last night, although she's knackered today due to the extra-late opening! Oh, and thanks to Jordi for ending the night by playing 'Let's Do It!'


01/09/10 Rowenna Anderson is crying.

Rowenna Anderson - For those of you who haven't heard, my granny died last night. It was pretty unexpected - although she'd had various medical problems none of them were very serious. Apparently she said she felt tired, went to bed early and was found by the nurses half an hour later. I know how much she'd been missing Grandad, and I'd like to think they're together again.

05/09/10 Rowenna Anderson and Chris have just had their first experience of going to check on a crying baby and finding that they need to change his pyjamas, sleeping bag and sheet...
That does explain why he's been off his food for a day or so!

06/09/10 Rowenna Anderson still has a sick baby, and isn't feeling very well herself. *sigh*

07/09/10 Rowenna Anderson is going to Granny's funeral tomorrow and isn't sure how she'll handle it. :-(

08/09/10 Rowenna Anderson managed ok at the funeral, but on the way back to town got stung on the boob by a wasp that was blown into the car.

11/09/10 Rowenna Anderson is hoping that she makes some sales at tomorrow's craft fair. (In the Kirk Hall, Linlithgow from 10.30am for those who are interested!)

16/09/10 Rowenna Anderson is realising that no matter how baby-proofed the place is, the little monkey will still find something to get into!

16/09/10 Rowenna Anderson has, until Sunday, four small furry houseguests.

17/09/10 Rowenna Anderson isn't in a very good mood for some reason.

21/09/10 Rowenna Anderson keeps feeling like she's going to have a panic attack.

24/09/10 Rowenna Anderson went foraging again today, with Chris and Zeph. They picked 2kg of plums and 3kg of blackberries, so are going to be very busy cooking tonight!

28/09/10 Rowenna Anderson and Chris have made six jars of blackberry and apple jam, ten jars of blackberry chilli jelly and four and a half jars of spicy plum sauce. :-)

30/09/10 Rowenna Anderson's very clever baby managed to pull himself up to standing today. It's amazing what the lure of a tv remote on the sofa will do!


02/10/10 Rowenna Anderson managed to get baby clothes and other useful things at an NCT sale today. Yay!

03/10/10 Rowenna Anderson went grocery shopping this evening. She found everything she needed, queued up, had everything rung through the till, opened her purse to get her debit card out... and realised that Chris still had it in his wallet from when he went up to the shop last night! *sigh*

One of the customer service people put our bags aside, and Chris had to go to the shop on his way home.

Rowenna Anderson has a headache and a sore throat. :(

Rowenna Anderson is providing tech support to her mother-in-law over the phone.

07/10/10 Rowenna Anderson had fun playing snare at samba tonight.

10/10/10 Rowenna Anderson just saw Zeph crawling! :-D

11/10/10 Rowenna Anderson has just had a roast dinner and is going to spend the rest of the evening making jewellery and watching Avatar for the first time. Apparently it's quite entertaining.

11/10/10 Rowenna Anderson thinks that Avatar was quite good, although pretty much the same as Dances With Wolves crossed with Return of the Jedi...

Rowenna Anderson is having lamb steaks, garlicky mash, green beans and wilted spinach for dinner. She is very hungry and is really looking forward to it!

Rowenna Anderson got to go to the pub this evening, and is now (over the internet!) helping her cousin pack for a holiday...

Rowenna Anderson enjoyed listening in to the conversation a family was having on the bus today. Highlights included "You're not supposed to say 'useless child' to your own children!" and
"Mummy, that's the church where you and Daddy got married."
"No, not that one"
*heavy sigh* "I get confused - there's just 'so' many churches around these days..."

...Note - these churches were pretty old!

18/10/10 Rowenna Anderson had a great time visiting Lyndsey McGlynn this afternoon. We ate cake, and Zeph had a lot of fun playing with Jenny the dog!

21/10/10 Rowenna Anderson has had a lovely time today. First coffee with Chris Anderson and Bill, then meeting Simon Pegg at his book signing (and getting bumped to the front of the queue because we had Zeph with us), then a really nice dinner out with Lesley Walpole, Lorna Brain, Ros and Susie. :-)

Rowenna Anderson is spending the evening making jewellery, downloading music and watching the Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law Sherlock Holmes film. Nice and relaxing. :-)

25/10/10 Rowenna Anderson enjoyed bathing with a cute young man this evening. ;-)

30/10/10 Rowenna Anderson is in the pub because Keith Beaton is a terrible influence.

30/10/10 Rowenna Anderson had a great time last night! Despite an impromptu night in the pub with Keith Beaton, Douglas Wilson, Colin Harvey and Robbie Loosemore, to celebrate Colin passing his library-bus-driving-test, she doesn't have a hangover. Surprising, since she drank more last night than in the last six months put together...

31/10/10 Rowenna Anderson is eating pizza and watching The Mangler and BERSERKER.


04/11/10 Rowenna Anderson's sad grumpy baby keeps waking up crying. Teething isn't fun for anyone. :-(

04/11/10 Rowenna Anderson isn't going to samba tonight. She needs to make more jewellery, and the teething baby needs an early night.

Rowenna Anderson is hoping that it stops raining so that she and Chris can take Zeph to see fireworks tonight.

05/11/10 Rowenna Anderson has to get everything together for the first big craft fair of the season tomorrow.

08/11/10 Rowenna Anderson is really tired and grumpy.

Rowenna Anderson is very proud of Zeph - he managed three tottery little steps today! :-D

It ended with him landing on my lap. It's still rather more 'falling with style' than marching, but it's a start!

11/11/10 Rowenna Anderson is looking forward to samba tonight, after missing last week's practice.

13/11/10 Rowenna Anderson had a lovely time at Nadin Dunnigan's house this evening, with Lyndsey McGlynn. We had Thai for dinner, and I loved playing with the cats, the gerbils, and a box of beads! (Not all at the same time...)

17/11/10 Rowenna Anderson is hugely excited because she's going to see A-ha tonight at the SECC!

18/11/10 Rowenna Anderson Ticket, booking fee and postage - £62.45
Train/bus fares - £13
Exorbitant Scotrail sandwich & coffee - £4.80
Tour t-shirt - £20
Exorbitant venue hotdog and Pepsi - £4.60
Finally getting to see one of your favourite bands live, as they're nearly finished their farewell tour - PRICELESS! :-D

18/11/10 Rowenna Anderson is making Zeph's birthday cake. It's the first time she's had to do this, and she's worried that she'll mess it up!

21/11/10 Rowenna Anderson really can't be bothered with anything today. All she's done is play with Zeph, make a bit of jewellery and watch tv, and nap.

22/11/10 Rowenna Anderson is tidying the living room, shelving the books she bought today, and then making some jewellery.

25/11/10 Rowenna Anderson says "Happy Thanksgiving, all my American friends!"

26/11/10 Rowenna Anderson is making jewellery and sorting supplies for tomorrow's craft fair - the Linlithgow Advent Fair, bleaching and dyeing her hair, and listening to Zeph talking to himself (over the baby monitor).

Oh, and we have First Snow!

Rowenna Anderson sold a lot of jewellery today! :-D

27/11/10 Rowenna Anderson is enjoying an evening of pear cider, pizza, choc-choc-chip cookies and assorted tv comedy. :-)

29/11/10 Rowenna Anderson and Zeph need to go the bank and get groceries, so are venturing out to the frozen blizzardy wastes of Musselburgh. If they don't return, send a search party!

29/11/10 Rowenna Anderson made it back alive, with a bag of Agatha Christie books, toys for Zeph and plenty of groceries. Oh, and pulled muscles in her thigh and lower back from lifting the buggy over/through snowdrifts and slipping on ice.


Rowenna Anderson ventured out to the frozen south today. Nowhere had any wellies, sledges or snow shovels, but Tesco still had a few pairs of gaiters.

Rowenna Anderson - I was playing in the snow today, and made a polar bear. It's not being very good at covering its nose to hide from its prey.

06/12/10 Rowenna Anderson is laughing at her email inbox spam section. There are two consecutive mail headers.
First, 'Give her high-quality lovemaking'
second, from eBay 'free insertion fees on the first December weekend'

I guess that's a pretty good offer! ;-)

06/12/10 Rowenna Anderson and Chris managed to get out to lunch and cinema without the baby, despite the snow. Big thanks to Colin Harvey for babysitting and taking Zeph for lunch at Pizza Hut!

Rowenna Anderson just accidentally decapitated the Buddha. Oops.

11/12/10 Rowenna Anderson - I'm going to the Taste of Chaos show tonight!

17/12/10 Rowenna Anderson had a lovely time at the Sambalistic Christmas dinner! :-)

17/12/10 Rowenna Anderson is freezing and tired and hungry and grumpy. >:-(

17/12/10 Rowenna Anderson has just found out that her prepayment gas meter isn't working which is why the house is really cold. Since she'll have to stay in for the repair guy, she may well miss the Secret Satan swap. *sigh*

19/12/10 Rowenna Anderson didn't get to the Secret Satan swap, since the gas engineer didn't get here until 5pm, but had a great evening in assorted pubs with Colin Harvey and Davron Elliott!

Rowenna Anderson had a lovely afternoon with Lorna Brain and Lesley Walpole, (and Chris, Roger and Nick!), and Zeph enjoyed playing with Reuben and Flora.

Rowenna Anderson is listening to A Very Scary Solstice while wrapping presents. :-D

Rowenna Anderson has done a lot of laundry today, some packing, and now that Zeph is napping is going to make a load of Christmas cookies and some stuffing balls.

25/12/10 Rowenna Anderson says "Merry Christmas!"

29/12/10 Rowenna Anderson has sliced her thumb open and it is very sore! On the plus side, she managed to buy a food processor/liquidiser on special offer, and Chris bought her a new computer chair for Christmas.

31/12/10 Rowenna Anderson has just finished baking a mincemeat and pumpkin pie, and is now onto baking little fruit tarts and making devilled sausages.


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