Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Facebook status updates 2009

02/01/2009 Rowenna is not doing very much today.

Rowenna went to see The Spirit. It was quite good.

05/01/2009 Rowenna found that her new role at work is as bad as she'd expected.

09/01/2009 Rowenna is hoping that Monday might improve work.

10/01/2009 Rowenna has a really sore throat and feels generally crap.

12/01/2009 Rowenna has managed to leave her phone charger at her parents' house. Bugger.

Rowenna just doesn't care any more.

15/01/2009 Rowenna is hoping to get to samba this evening.

17/01/2009 Rowenna might get Guitar Hero tomorrow, if it's cheap enough.

Rowenna has Guitar Hero - now she can ROCK, slightly.

Rowenna appears to have another cold starting, judging by the sneezing and sore throat.

21/01/2009 Rowenna definitely has a cold and feels horrible. :-(.

Rowenna is glad her fever has mostly gone, even if the rest of the cold remains.

24/01/2009 Rowenna now knows that inhaling Worcestershire sauce is a mistake.

26/01/2009 Rowenna has discovered that there *is* such a thing as a pen licence.

31/01/2009 Rowenna got a splinter in her hand from a drumstick.


01/02/2009 Rowenna got a Calvin and Hobbes book from a charity shop. :-D.

02/02/2009 Rowenna spent her day having snowball fights.

05/02/2009 Rowenna is terribly out of practice at leading the samba band.

Rowenna says 'Jo-jos'!

Rowenna is watching The Devil Wears Prada.

Rowenna is talking to Shawna on the phone. :-).

Rowenna made a snow Scrabble grid. :-D.

11/02/2009 Rowenna is all re-purpled.

Rowenna is hoping to learn some new patterns at samba.

12/02/2009 Rowenna is trying to get Colin back on Facebook.

Rowenna is still angry with facebook.

Rowenna supposes she forgives facebook, since they've let Colin come back.

16/02/2009 Rowenna thought she'd better change her profile photo since she's had the same one since joining facebook.

21/02/2009 Rowenna is going bowling today, followed by dinner and pub. :-D.

22/02/2009 Rowenna had fun today, and is now quite pissed.

22/02/2009 Rowenna is going out to the shops, having heard that there may be some WiFits in stock...

Rowenna finally managed to get her WiiFit! (Well done, Nintendo, taking only two months to supply enough stock...)

24/02/2009 Rowenna is going to make pancakes tonight.

Rowenna is going to the beach for a walk.

25/02/2009 Rowenna wants to finish making her silver ring, dammit!

28/02/2009 Rowenna has to rebuild the computer desk.


03/03/09 Rowenna Anderson had awful insomnia last night and had only about 3 1/2 hours sleep. She can't function on that...

04/03/09 Rowenna Anderson has (fingers crossed) a fully working computer.

05/03/09 Rowenna Anderson wants her cold to bugger off.

07/03/09 Rowenna Anderson is looking forward to Watchmen.

07/03/09 Rowenna Anderson thought Watchmen was amazing.

13/03/09 Rowenna Anderson will be spending tomorrow dressed as a cat.

15/03/09 Rowenna Anderson is unreasonably tired.

19/03/09 Rowenna Anderson is rather annoyed that her piece of silver cracked slightly.

21/03/09 Rowenna Anderson is looking forward to getting her new printer tomorrow.

22/03/09 Rowenna Anderson found that her printer was out of stock so has it ordered.

25/03/09 Rowenna Anderson has a lovely shiny new printer.

27/03/09 Rowenna Anderson is very tired and glad it's Friday.

27/03/09 Rowenna Anderson has a bad headache starting.

28/03/09 Rowenna Anderson is excited that her house is on google maps street view. :-)

30/03/09 Rowenna Anderson has a nice new loo seat.


Rowenna Anderson is in the pub but not drunk.

06/04/09 Rowenna Anderson is eating gherkins.

07/04/09 Rowenna Anderson is really really grumpy.

07/04/09 Rowenna Anderson has just seen the trailer for the Easter Doctor Who episode and is vastly overexcited!

Rowenna Anderson says Happy Easter/Chocolate Day!

13/04/09 Rowenna Anderson had forgotten how tiring gardening is.

15/04/09 Rowenna Anderson has THE POWER!

18/04/09 Rowenna Anderson is keeping an eye out for any earlybird velociraptors.

18/04/09 Rowenna Anderson still has no velociraptors in her garden, unless there's one hiding behind the garden waste bin. It'd have to be a small one, though.

19/04/09 Rowenna Anderson is going to the Supersuckers/Nashville Pussy gig tonight.

20/04/09 Rowenna Anderson thinks that Nashville Pussy were ok, but Supersuckers were very entertaining.

22/04/09 Rowenna Anderson is fed up with the necklace she's making and wants to go on to her next project.

25/04/09 Rowenna Anderson loves Better Off Ted!

25/04/09 Rowenna Anderson apparently has a haunted bum.

26/04/09 Rowenna Anderson has loaded a helluva lot of music on her ipod.

28/04/09 Rowenna Anderson is attending the second night of a first aid course but would rather be at home.


03/05/09 Rowenna Anderson says .-.-.mipmip.-.-.

06/05/09 Rowenna Anderson wonders why jewellery class is the quickest two hours of the week.

09/05/09 Rowenna Anderson absolutely loved the new Trek film!

16/05/09 Rowenna Anderson is looking forward to the atrocious tripe that makes Eurovision so much fun!

19/05/09 Rowenna Anderson heard a lovely strong baby heartbeat today. :-)

22/05/09 Rowenna Anderson has been feeling the baby moving!

25/05/09 Rowenna Anderson gets to spend tomorrow's day at work playing at the Science Centre. :-D

26/05/09 Rowenna Anderson is so tired she can barely think.

28/05/09 Rowenna Anderson was at her wedding reception four years ago from now.

30/05/09 Rowenna Anderson went shopping for maternity clothes today. She now has trousers for both work and samba, plus a nice skirt, and they are all comfortable round her middle. Hurrah!


04/06/09 Rowenna Anderson has had a bloody long day at work with repeated fire alarms leading to evacuating the building three times, has not got most of this week's tasks done and will be spending tomorrow trying to look happy about helping at a sports day. Can it be Friday even

10/06/09 Rowenna Anderson wanted to let you know that if any of her Edinburgh friends want to see her playing samba, her band will be in the parade for Prestonpans Gala Day, Saturday 13th at 12-12.30ish.

14/06/09 Rowenna Anderson finally got to see The Princess Bride last night and really liked it. :)

18/06/09 Rowenna Anderson is a bit worried about the numbness and tingling in her lower face and left leg, and is also really nervous about her 20-week scan tomorrow morning.

19/06/09 Rowenna Anderson has a good healthy baby growing in her. :-)

21/06/09 Rowenna Anderson's leg numbness is most likely nothing to worry about. Phew!

25/06/09 Rowenna Anderson wants to smack certain people round the head.

27/06/09 Rowenna Anderson doesn't get to play samba for six weeks. :-(

28/06/09 Rowenna Anderson is going to go shopping this afternoon, and may end up buying a couple of books. What a surprise!

29/06/09 Rowenna Anderson has really bad sciatica but is still looking forward to AC/DC tomorrow.


01/07/09 Rowenna Anderson had a great time at the AC/DC gig but didn't bump into anyone she knew there.

02/07/09 Rowenna Anderson has melted.

05/07/09 Rowenna Anderson got woken up this morning by a massive crash of thumder and torrential rain, so quickly got dressed and went outside to jump up and down in the rain. :-D

09/07/09 Rowenna Anderson has only two more sleeps left until her holiday!

10/07/09 Rowenna Anderson is officially on holiday, although she still has one more sleep before actually leaving. :-)

12/07/09 Rowenna Anderson is in Wales and slso having trouble getting Scrabble to work.

14/07/09 Rowenna Anderson is going fossil-hunting tomorrow.

18/07/09 Rowenna Anderson is all packed, ready to head over to England.

23/07/09 Rowenna Anderson is going to spend tomorrow playing.

24/07/09 Rowenna Anderson is still going to the park, even with the thunderstorms. So there.

25/07/09 Rowenna Anderson has sunburned some delicate parts of her anatomy...

26/07/09 Rowenna Anderson doesn't really want to go home.

27/07/09 Rowenna Anderson really should get on with tidying.

31/07/09 Rowenna Anderson had a worryingly quiet baby for the last couple of days, but it's really making up for it now!


01/08/09 Rowenna Anderson thinks she should get G-Force round to help with the tidying. It might not get done any faster but would be more fun.

06/08/09 Rowenna Anderson thinks that there's a chance of actually getting the spare room cleared before the baby comes along!

08/08/09 Rowenna Anderson is eating a big bowl of fruit salad.

13/08/09 Rowenna Anderson is going to the Doctor Who exhibition tomorrow! :-D

16/08/09 Rowenna Anderson is going into town to watch street performers.

19/08/09 Rowenna Anderson says "Nearly my birthday!" :-D

20/08/09 Rowenna Anderson got to play samba tonight! Yay! :-D

23/08/09 Rowenna Anderson says "Birthday birthday birthday!" :-D

23/08/09 Rowenna Anderson thanks everyone for the birthday greetings. She had a lovely day and is now very full of pizza and cake!

29/08/09 Rowenna Anderson is going to be playing a samba gig at Stenhouse Primary School this afternoon at 2pm, if anyone wants to watch.

30/08/09 Rowenna Anderson is going to see Adam Hills tonight! :-D

31/08/09 Rowenna Anderson saw Adam Hills last night and got a t-shirt signed by him and had a photo taken with him. :-D


02/09/09 Rowenna Anderson needs to warn people that if she appears to send them a link on MSN completely out of the blue, DON'T CLICK IT! Her MSN has been hijacked.

05/09/09 Rowenna Anderson bought what promises to be a truly terrible film today!

06/09/09 Rowenna Anderson has plans for today that go like this - tidying/dishes, bacon rolls for lunch, shopping for maternity/baby gear, doing the weekly food shop, working on clearing the spare room. Rowenna Anderson is going to be knackered by tonight. Rowenna Anderson will most likely be getting an early night.

07/09/09 Rowenna Anderson was at her first antenatal class today. It was both useful *and* fun. Plus, there was coffee and biscuits. :-)

09/09/09 Rowenna Anderson is watching Warehouse 13 and likes it a lot.

11/09/09 Rowenna Anderson hopes she sells some of her old stock at Saturday's craft fair.

13/09/09 Rowenna Anderson sold a lot of jewellery today. Woohoo! :-D

14/09/09 Rowenna Anderson is being kicked in her innards *really* hard!

18/09/09 Rowenna Anderson is going away for a long weekend with the samba band! Outdoor activities, barbecue, drumming, tie-dyeing and a ceilidh. :-D

22/09/09 Rowenna Anderson had a lot of fun at the weekend, especially the 'Miss Sambalistic' pageant!

24/09/09 Rowenna Anderson thinks that she may actually be carrying a baby hippo. Her midwife agrees...

27/09/09 Rowenna Anderson had a lot of fun at the club last night, and met up with some people she hadn't seen for a year or two. :)

29/09/09 Rowenna Anderson is thinking about last year and what might have been, and feeling a bit sad.


01/10/09 Rowenna Anderson finishes work tomorrow and is feeling rather weird about it. It'll be nice to get a rest and she won't miss the commuting, but she will miss the kids at work.

03/10/09 Rowenna Anderson bought some more baby things today. What a surprise. ;-)

05/10/09 Rowenna Anderson is ill. :-(

06/10/09 Rowenna Anderson is getting her new shed delivered tomorrow! :-D

08/10/09 Rowenna Anderson has her new shed (as yet unassembled). It's kinda sad that I'm excited about this, isn't it?

09/10/09 Rowenna Anderson is going to see Zombieland tonight.

12/10/09 Rowenna Anderson Look at my new shed! :-D

Huge thanks to Colin, Bill, Davron and Tony, who spend their entire Sunday afternoon to build it for me!

Rowenna Anderson is going to assemble shelves today.

17/10/09 Rowenna Anderson saw Surrogates tonight. It was better than she'd been expecting, although a certain tiny someone kicked her really hard for most of the film. (And no, it wasn't Chris!)

24/10/09 Rowenna Anderson is going to play drums tomorrow, but isn't sure she has the energy.

24/10/09 Rowenna Anderson played a small samba gig today and found it absolutely knackering. It's probably a good thing that there aren't any more gigs she'll be doing for a while.

25/10/09 Rowenna Anderson is dyeing her hair and is fed up with the whole process.

28/10/09 Rowenna Anderson had better get on with painting the baby's room...

29/10/09 Rowenna Anderson thinks her pelvis might be disintegrating, judging by how sore it is.

30/10/09 Rowenna Anderson would like to know why the carpet fitter isn't here yet.

30/10/09 Rowenna Anderson has nice new carpet! :-D

30/10/09 Rowenna Anderson is going out to a fancy dinner tonight, courtesy of the council!

31/10/09 Rowenna Anderson isn't doing much for Halloween but is having fun nonetheless.


02/11/09 Rowenna Anderson thinks the baby may be part aardvark, judging by the apparent size of its feet.

03/11/09 Rowenna Anderson is tired and grumpy and twitchy and nervous. :(

Rowenna Anderson has spent all afternoon cooking meals to freeze. She is now thoroughly fed up with chopping veggies!

06/11/09 Rowenna Anderson is tired of not knowing when things are going to start happening.

06/11/09 Rowenna Anderson just heard that her friend died of lung cancer last night. She doesn't know what to do.

11/11/09 Rowenna Anderson is getting really fed up now!

12/11/09 Rowenna Anderson is going to see the midwife today and is hoping that things will be progressing. *crosses fingers (but not legs)*

13/11/09 Rowenna Anderson is going to tidy the bedroom to take her mind off the fact that the large lump in her middle is showing no signs of moving out anytime soon.

15/11/09 Rowenna Anderson 's little passenger has still not come out, so she is going to the hospital tomorrow for tests and a scan.

27/11/09 Rowenna Anderson says "Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!"

30/11/09 Rowenna Anderson has just spent an hour and a half holding a tube over Zeph's willy, trying to collect a urine sample. None of the baby books tell you about this sort of thing!


05/12/09 Rowenna Anderson 's baby is currently doing impressions of Tim Westwood in his sleep!

Rowenna Anderson took Zeph for his first visit to Santa today, at the local library. He also now has his own library card.

14/12/09 Rowenna Anderson Zeph's not well. He seems to have really bad trapped wind and is a very unhappy little boy... :-(

20/12/09 Rowenna Anderson and Zeph are back from the hospital after being in there since Monday.

Rowenna Anderson hasn't got her Christmas tree decorated yet and still has presents to buy and packing to do. *sigh*

Rowenna Anderson is knackered from pushing the pram through the snow, and aches in places she didn't know existed. However, she has finished the Christmas shopping and really, she likes being out in the snow.

25/12/09 Rowenna Anderson Merry Christmas!

25/12/09 Rowenna Anderson is having a lovely Christmas. She got great presents, Zeph has been very good and it's still snowy. :-)

27/12/09 Rowenna Anderson Zeph says "Thank you for my presents!"

31/12/09 Rowenna Anderson is watching Better Off Ted and playing online Scrabble. She is a so-called 'party animal'. Really.


At 3:59 am, Blogger Shawna said...

Quite the eventful year! I got confused for a minute when I saw "15/01/09" until I remembered that some silly people (i.e., the military and furriners) write dates in "date/month/year" format instead of "month/date/year" format. ;-) If I haven't said it before (almost positive I have, though!) I'm super happy for you and Chris that Zeph made a safe arrival! :-D


At 6:06 pm, Anonymous DavePrime said...

Wow. It's amazing how much you have been through in the last twelve months. I am SO happy you have the baby home safe, sound, and healthy!

Wish we were nearer so we could be part of your daily life....


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