Monday, April 06, 2009

Fun in the snow at midnight

One night I was saying to Chris that I was sad that there hadn't really been any proper snow to play in. Later that night we looked out of the window to see that it had been snowing steadily for a while. We decided to go out for a walk - there was nobody else out at all. It felt magical, like the snow was there just for us.

Chris demonstrating the snow.

Edinburgh snow 2

I love this picture.

Edinburgh snow 3

My snow angel in the park.

Edinburgh snow 4 - snow angel


Edinburgh snow 5 - snow WALL-E

We had a brief game of Snow Scrabble.

Edinburgh snow 6 - snow scrabble

Snow crystals

Edinburgh snow 7

Please ignore my resemblance to a rather strange snowman!

Edinburgh snow 11 - idiot snowman

Chris surrounded by 'mysterious orbs'. ;-)

Edinburgh snow 9 - Chris/orbs

More 'orbs'

Edinburgh snow 10 - spooky!

We thought that the rats might like to experience snow. We were wrong.

Edinburgh snow 8 - unimpressed rats

The next day

Edinburgh snow 12 - next day

Edinburgh snow 13 - next day 2

Oh, and finally, here's my little snow-bear.

Snow bear

There you are, I think that's all of my winter photos.



At 5:04 am, Blogger Nettie said...

Ooooh, so pretty!

I love the way you're rugged up to the nines and Chris is just wearing his jacket! Does he not feel the cold??? lol

At 6:47 pm, Blogger Shawna said...

I think the rats might have liked coats and boots!

I love the pics--the snow is very pretty. *hugs*

At 3:42 pm, Anonymous DavePrime said...

Very Pretty! That looks very similar to what we've been having of late. It will snow one day and be (mostly) gone the next. Ah well.

Try to stay warm... :-)


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