Friday, January 02, 2009

Facebook Status Updates 2007

15/9/2007 Rowenna is tired and weird.

17/9/2007 Rowenna is packing boxes.

26/9/2007 Rowenna is grumpy and weird.

Rowenna is hopefully getting a house!


1/10/2007 Rowenna is not knowing whether she's made the right decision.

2/10/2007 Rowenna is moving house in two weeks.

3/10/2007 Rowenna is moving house in ten days.

4/10/2007 Rowenna is moving house in nine days.

5/10/2007 Rowenna is going to measure up the new house and get the keys tomorrow.

Rowenna is very happy with her house.

8/10/2007 Rowenna is ridiculously excited.

Rowenna is panicking about getting everything done in time.

10/10/2007 Rowenna is knackered from painting for about 8 hours.

15/10/2007 Rowenna is already fed up with unpacking boxes.

Rowenna is hating customer support lines.

Rowenna is wondering how her books have managed to multiply whilst in boxes...

17/10/2007 Rowenna is getting lost amongst the boxes in the spare room.

20/10/2007 Rowenna is having a quiet night in by herself.

Rowenna is measuring for shelves.


2/11/2007 Rowenna is feeling crappy because she has a cold.

15/11/2007 Rowenna is trying to sort out a pirate costume.

17/11/2007 Rowenna is overly full of cake.

Rowenna is wondering if she'll ever get the house sorted.


2/12/2007 Rowenna is happy because she has two baby rats!

11/12/2007 Rowenna is wishing that she didn't have to go to her work Christmas party.

Rowenna is still wishing that she didn't have to go to her work Christmas party.

19/12/2007 Rowenna is surprised that the work Christmas party wasn't as bad as she expected!

29/12/2007 Rowenna is hoping her cold gets better before Hogmanay.



At 5:42 am, Blogger Acci said...

I think that the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 11th entries pretty well summarize you.



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