Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's been a while...

... as someone pointed out to me today, so many apologies, if anyone had actually noticed!

Now that I have a new computer I can upload photos again, so here's a selection from my summer holiday down at my gran's house.

This is Anita, my gran's dog. She was adopted from a rescue centre and had been badly mistreated, so is terrified of everyone.


Tilly, on the other hand, has no concept of being terrified of anyone. She thinks humans only exist to play with her.


She belongs to my aunt, as does Badger, who likes nothing more than to lie on your feet to be stroked.


These are Tiddles (the bigger one) and Clem. They lived with my gran for as long as I can remember. Clem had always had an enormous crush on Tiddles, and spent a lot of time following her around and headbutting her in a bizarre sign of affection.


Tiddles was very old, and had barely been eating for a while. Shortly after we were down there she went to the vet for inpatient treatment, and died in her sleep one night. I'm so glad I got to see her one more time.
Granny doesn't know if she's going to keep Clem now. She's worried that he'll be too lonely on his own, so might have to rehome him.

We spent one day at a wildlife reserve. I really enjoyed playing with the macro setting on my camera, and I'll do a post of those photos another day.
One of the best things there was an army-style assault course. We all had a go, and timed ourselves. I'm just glad I wasn't quite last!
To give you some idea of the sort of obstacles, here's a few pictures of Chris having his turn...




I had great fun doing the course, even if I did get stuck in the cargo net, with one arm trapped up behind my back...

Dave and Huw on the swings.


Finally, our traditional just-before-getting-in-the-car-to-go-home photo.

Family 2

Back row (l-r) - my dad, Dave (little brother #1), Flora, Alex (a cousin), Huw (little brother #2).
Front row (l-r) - my mum, me, Granny, Matt, Chris.

It won't be as long before the next post, honestly!

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At 11:41 pm, Blogger Nettie said...

It's good to see some pics - I know what colour your hair is now! lol

That course looks fun - it'd be great fun to have a play!

At 12:06 am, Blogger Shawna said...

Yay, new pictures! :) And I like your hair--very cool!

Ditto Nettie--the obstacle course would be great fun. :)

At 12:39 pm, Blogger oppiejoe said...

I like the group photo and the cargo net... wish I could have given the course a go.


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