Friday, January 02, 2009

Facebook Status Updates 2008

4/1/2008 Rowenna is sitting at her lovely new computer desk.

Rowenna is keeping her fingers crossed.

Rowenna is hoping that the washing machine actually gets fixed today, and that Chris's job trial works out.

Rowenna is doing the washing now that the machine is fixed, but still has her fingers crossed for Chris.

14/01/2008 Rowenna is enjoying her working washing machine and employed husband.

Rowenna is still jittery.

Rowenna is feeling horrible from her migraine.

31/01/2008 Rowenna is glad that her duties at work have changed.


Rowenna is looking forward to a long weekend.

3/02/2008 Rowenna is not getting as much done as she wanted.

Rowenna is getting on with things, albeit slowly.

8/02/2008 Rowenna is getting very excited about the party.

10/02/2008 Rowenna is hungover after a very good party.

12/02/2008 Rowenna is trying to stop smoking. Wish me luck...

22/02/2008 Rowenna is glad it's Friday...

Rowenna is wishing she could get on with the garden.


8/03/2008 Rowenna is wishing she had brushed her teeth better...

15/03/2008 Rowenna is shocked by the price of wood.

17/03/2008 Rowenna is apparently able to concrete in fence posts. Who'd have thought?

23/03/2008 Rowenna is enormously pleased with herself for finishing building a fence.


3/04/2008 Rowenna is hoping that her digestive system has finally finished its rebellion.

6/04/2008 Rowenna is enjoying having guinea pigs.

Rowenna is very glad that Colin lent her a laptop and retrieved all her files. :).

27/04/2008 Rowenna is sad that the museum is shutting for several years.


4/05/2008 Rowenna is not looking forward to tomorrow's callanetics...

7/05/2008 Rowenna is determined to keep up her exercise plan.

17/05/2008 Rowenna is pleased that her rockeries are coming along well.

20/05/2008 Rowenna is angry wth her stupid tooth for breaking in half...

24/05/2008 Rowenna is overexcited about Eurovision.

Rowenna is thinking that Latvia woz robbed!


4/06/2008 Rowenna is not liking stopping smoking.

Rowenna is wanting her neck, back and head to stop hurting.

16/06/2008 Rowenna is glad she bought a bike.

Rowenna is hoping she stops constantly thinking about smoking.


5/07/2008 Rowenna is a tad embarrassed about crying at Doctor Who.

Rowenna is a tad embarrassed about crying at Doctor Who, even more so about crying during the Sunday repeat.

Rowenna is hoping she can sleep tonight.

Rowenna is excited about going on holiday!


26/09/2008 Rowenna is sitting at home staring at the walls.

27/09/2008 Rowenna wants her baby back.


Rowenna doesn't want to be back home.


2/11/2008 Rowenna has just ordered 800 holiday photos!

9/11/2008 Rowenna is trying to find a difficult Christmas present.

19/11/2008 Rowenna has a headache.

21/11/2008 Rowenna hopes that certain things might be finally sorting themselves out.

23/11/2008 Rowenna is tired and fed up.

29/11/2008 Rowenna was pleasantly surprised by today's craft fair.


3/12/2008 Rowenna is ordering gifts online.

Rowenna is wondering if she'll manage samba practice after falling and landing on her hand today...

Rowenna is really quite drunk.

7/12/2008 Rowenna is less drunk than last night, but more hungover.

Rowenna is excited about going to the panto with work tomorrow.

9/12/2008 Rowenna was surprised at how good the panto was!

Rowenna had fun at samba tonight.

12/12/2008 Rowenna is nervous and anxious and doesn't know why.

Rowenna is in the pub, posting from her phone.

Rowenna is more drunk than she thought she was.

Rowenna is hungover (can't imagine how that happened! ;-) ) but had a great time last night.

Rowenna is trying to get Christmas parcels sent off. Sorry, they're going to be late...

Rowenna is upset about how few days she gets to spend with Chris over Christmas/New Year.

Rowenna has most parcels wrapped but almost no cards written.

Rowenna is at her parents' for Christmas. It's busy here.

25/12/2008 Rowenna hopes everyone has a great Christmas.

27/12/2008 Rowenna has a Wii!

31/12/2008 Rowenna wishes everyone a Happy New Year!



At 4:07 am, Blogger Shawna said...

Hey, I was around for a lot of that! :) You've had a lot going on this last year. Here's my hopes that the new one brings you all that you wish for!



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