Saturday, December 15, 2007


I don't really have much to say, but I felt like writing a post so here you go.

Christmas seems to have suddenly jumped out at me, leaving me somewhat unprepared.

Things I Have Done

1) Done most of my present-buying
2) Decorated the tree
3) Opened fourteen windows on my Doctor Who advent calendar

Things I Haven't Done

1) Written Christmas cards for people at work
2) Written or sent cards to other people to whom I really should
3) Made cards for family (not necessary, I know, but I like doing it)
4) Finished buying presents
5) Finished decorating the house
6) Figured out what I'm going to bake for Christmas
7) Bought wrapping paper or gift tags
8) Sent off presents for people overseas (sorry...)
9) Made my mum's birthday present, even though her birthday is next Thursday
10) Probably lots of other things..

Oh, buggrit.


Friday, December 07, 2007


Since Jonas died, it's been too quiet in the house, not having the little scurrying noises. We mentioned to a friend that we were hoping to get new rats once we were settled in, and he said that he had been breeding his rats, had a litter of new babies and would keep us two little boys. Last week he called us to say that they were old enough to come and live with us, so Chris went to pick them up last Sunday.

They're so cute! I'd forgotten how sweet baby rats are, with their little pointy faces. :)

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They're quite a bit smaller than they look here, only about the length of my hand, not including tail.

We spent a couple of days trying to work out what to call them, seeing what their personalities were like. I've been reading a lot of novels about Romans recently, which I suspect influenced my ideas for names...

The brown one likes exploring new territories, so he's Julius Caesar.
The white one prefers to find somewhere comfortable to sit and think, so he's Cicero.

Here's Cicero sitting on Chris's head, the first night we had them.

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I love our rats.