Saturday, May 17, 2008

Role models

Y'know, sometimes I really don't know what to think of teenagers.
I can't remember who I most admired when I was younger, but my favourite authors and people like Neil Armstrong were high on my list.

I recently read about this survey. Apparently, for under 25s the most admired woman is Amy Winehouse, and second most admired man is Pete Docherty.

For those of you lucky enough not to know of them, this is Amy Winehouse.
She is admittedly a very good singer, but is far better known for being a junkie. Lately, almost every news article about her is discussing her latest unfortunate relationship, or falling drunkenly down the street, or new photos of her takng drugs.

Pete Docherty is a singer and musician who is also best known for being an addict. He has been frequently arrested for various drug and driving offences, but bizarrely has been let off with almost no punishment, until last month when he finally served a few weeks in jail.

Why on earth are these people so admired by teenagers?
Is it just because they're famous?
Is it because their behaviour makes them seem edgy and exciting?

It isn't just this - just look at the obsession with appearing on Pop Idol, X-Factor, Britain's Got Talent et al.
Oh, and speaking of the last, Britain apparently does not have talent.
(I accidentally watched some of tonight's show...)

Kids seem to be willing to miss classes, exams and so on just for the chance to be mocked by a 'celebrity' judge in the vain hope that they'll get their fifteen minutes of fame before tumbling back to obscurity. According to the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, many of their pupils' greatest ambition is to be a singer or actress, and some just want to be a WAG (footballer's wife or girlfriend).
What happened to wanting respect and recognition for their own talents?

There seems to be an ever-increasing idea that anything that doesn't lead to fame isn't worth pursuing.