Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm sorry, I've been pretty shit at the whole blogging thing. My main problem is that every time I think about writing I convince myself that what I have to say isn't interesting, or will just sound stupid. It's probably related to the fact that my brain has gone melty again. My depression came back last summer, but I couldn't be treated then because my meds aren't safe for use during pregnancy. I started back on them when Zeph was three weeks old. I thought they were working really well, but I've been getting steadily worse over the last few weeks. I've been comfort-eating a lot, lately, especially chocolate, so the weight I've out on isn't helping my self-image either. I'm going to start exercising again, because that'll help my figure, my brain and my knees, and maybe start work on the garden. I'm also going to try to post regularly, and hopefully get past this worry.

So, as a reward for reading my self-indulgence, you too can mock an idiot who I saw on tv today. It was on a programme called Freaky Eaters, about people with various food phobias etc. The woman on today's show was sent out to the supermarket to buy assorted items of food to cook. She really hasn't got a clue.

"I can't buy that meat - it looks like bits of animals, like that bit looks like a tongue, and that one looks like a... thing."

"What's that stuff... 'greens'... It's got spinach in it and umm, some other stuff I don't know."

(At the fish counter, looking at whole fish)
"Oh, that's awful, they look just like animals! How do vegetarians eat fish? That's cannibalism!"