Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Settling In Update

So far things are starting to work out. As of yesterday, we have the central heating working, so the house is lovely and warm, and we have hot running water - two things I really missed in the five years I lived in the flat.
I've got all of my fiction books unpacked and in the bookcases. Somehow they seem to have managed to breed while in the boxes, since I had trouble fitting them all on the shelves, despite having bought another bookcase...
Some of the ornaments are unpacked too, which makes the place look like home. Following the whole washing machine saga, they're coming to fit a replacement on Friday, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one actually working.
My dad was round tonight, getting started on building a set of shelves that will take my stereo, reference books, videos and DVDs. Hopefully he'll finish that on Thursday, so I can get a lot more boxes emptied on Friday evening. My mum also shortened all the curtains, so most of them are hung now too. Thanks, both of you. :-)
On Sunday we should be going to buy a little dining table and chairs, which we have to get assembled before both of my grandmothers come round for dinner next Tuesday night.

Finally, it's Chris's birthday today. Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you. XXX



At 4:52 am, Blogger Tah said...

Happy birthday, Chris.

Glad to hear the unpacking and house set up is going so well. :-)

At 10:32 am, Blogger Nettie said...

It's exciting when a new place finally starts to feel like home.

And perhaps you need to have a serious chat with your books about safe sex so they stop multiplying?

Happy birthday Chris!

At 1:19 am, Blogger oppiejoe said...

Poor Nettie...

the stork brings books.

(why is my verification word WIGOCUM?)


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