Friday, September 21, 2007

Not much news, really...

... but I thought people might like an update.
I'm not sure if the antidepressants are having much effect yet. When I started them I had a few days of assorted unpleasant side effects - severe nausea on the Saturday, panic attacks and claustrophobia on the Sunday, and extreme jitteriness for the first half of the week. Fortunately, that's all gone now. I don't feel noticeably better, although I've been finding that I have more energy in the evenings. I'm going back to see the doctor on Monday, for him to check how I'm doing.

As far as house-hunting goes, we've applied for two nice houses so far, and been turned down for both of them. We've put in for another one, but we're not holding our breath.
We think that, when we do get accepted for one, we'll be very busy with cleaning and decorating the new place. So, considering that, we've been doing a lot of packing this week - obviously not things likie clothes, toiletries and kitchen stuff, but we've got most of our videos, DVDs, CDs, board games and comics boxed, as well as my jewellery-making supplies and a lot of ornaments.
The trouble is, the more packing we do, the less this place feels like home and the more weird I feel about it.

I'll let you know if we hear any more about a house.

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At 9:23 pm, Blogger oppiejoe said...

Glad the side effects stopped.
Hope you find a suitable place soon

At 5:06 am, Blogger Nettie said...

You'll get somewhere soon sweetie, I just know it.

And it's always hard when moving. The packed place doesn't feel like home anymore but the new place (when you get it) feels all weird and alien. It won't last forever though.

At 10:57 am, Blogger LaMa said...

It will take a while before the antidepressants really kick in. Meanwhile, don't forget that pills are just part of the solution. Exercise is another thing to try, as your body starts to produce chemicals that make you feel better during exercise (and sex, by the way :-p). So walk, run, bike, tennis, whatever. Spent time outside the house.

Moving is an acknowledged time of stress (it is in the stress top 3 actually).

Hold on *hug*

At 3:27 am, Blogger Tah said...

Good luck with everything. I know you'll find a house soon. :)

At 1:58 pm, Blogger Transfrmr said...

I've always found my best houses right at the last minute. The couple of places that I found ahead of time turned out to be bad decisions.

Hope it holds true for you too!

At 6:49 pm, Blogger NEO said...

Antidepressants can take weeks for the full affect to be seen, don't give up on them.
I packed up to move out on a certain date then it got moved back about 3 weeks. It sucked living out of boxes, because I thought we were moving so I packed up necessary things for everyday living. It was horrible. It will be all over soon though, keep smiling. :)


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